Travelling from Amsterdam

Transport from Amsterdam: a train from Amsterdam Centraal at 19.05. We'll have to transfer at Duisburg, arrival to Berlin at 7.10, then a train to Goerlitz. Getting back to Amsterdam: a train from Goerlitz at 18.02, then a night train from Berlin at 21.35, arriving to A'dam (via Brussells) at 9.39 the following day.

I recommend centralizing our tickets because that way we can get a discount on the tickets and share compartments.

Travelling from Berlin

Transport from Berlin: a train from Ostbahnhof to Goerlitz at 10, arriving there at 12.50 with a transfer at Cottbus. Cost: 42 euro. On the way back, the following trains from Goerlitz are suitable: 15.08, 16.45, 18.02, 19.56.

Notes for flyers

The most practical place to land is Berlin, then take one of the trains to Goerlitz (see the recommended train above).

Getting to Szklarska Poreba from Goerlitz (and vice versa)

It is advisable to arrive to Goerlitz before 2 pm at the latest. Get off the train at the station (there is only one) and walk to the border crossing That should take you no more than 15 minutes. Once on the Polish side (in the Polish part of the town, which is called Zgorzelec) engage a taxi. You should negotiate the price and not pay more than 120 euro per cab. If you get a cab for 80, organizers shall award you a medal upon arrival. Tell the drivers to take you to Szklarska Poreba (pronounced app. 'sklaarskaa porabmaa') to the bottom of the ski lifts (going up a mountain called 'Szrenica', pronounced 'szranitza'). There from you take the ski lift to the top of the mountain. Lift works till about 4 - 4.30 pm. You'll save money if you buy a ticket for the lifts that's good for 4 or 5 days. You can also rent skis in a little shop right opposite the bottom station of the lift, something you'd appreciate the next day. If you can't do that (e.g. if you have more luggage than you can safely shlepp up the lift) you can rent them the next day in a nearby place.

You'll have to change to a further lift in the middle of the mountain. Once you get all the way up, you'll see the hotel about 70 metres ahead of you. The name is 'Schronisko Na Szrenicy', and its phone numbers are 075 - 75 260 11, 075 - 75 23 206.

If you arrive late or if the lift does not work because of heavy winds or snow storm, don't despair: go to a travel agency cum info centre a few metres down the road from the bottom station of the lift (on the other side of the road) and ask them to call the hotel or one of the organizers (their phone numbers will follow when we make sure our phones work in Poland). We'll try get you up the mountain in a snow mobile. Spending the night under the mountain if nothing else works is always possible as a last option.

Bon voyage!!