Introduction to Cognitive Science:  Color



Day 1  Why color is important: color basics & color perception.

Day 2  Color from a (neuro)psychological and from a linguistic perspective

Day 3  Color from the perspective of developmental psychology, anthropology, and philosophy of mind


Course Material

A  Slides  

Color basicsDay 1
Colour perception and its physiological basisDay 1 & 2
Colour words and colour categorization
Day 2
The Sapir-Whorf thesis and the Kay-Kempton experimentDay 3
Infant color categories and categorical perceptionDay 3
Qualia and the hard problem of consciousnessDay 3

B Articles

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Paul Kay und Willett Kempton (1984): What is the Sapir-Whorf-Hypothesis? American Anthropologist 86, 65-79.

Michael Tye (1997): Qualia

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