We have made inquiries about the traveling possibilities. The best arrangement for those of you who are travelling by public transport is to make sure you are on March 2 at the Zgorzelec busstation (5 minutes from the German-Polish border separating Goerlitz from Zgorzelec) in time to catch the 10 a.m. bus for Jelenia Gora that connects with a second bus to to Szklarska Poreba. Then follow the steep road up to the skilift and go to the very top. In case you are late, it will have to be a taxi: try to share, it is not cheap (approx. euro 100 for an eight person taxi, if there is one, not much less for smaller ones.).

This is just possible with the night train from Amsterdam to Dresden and can  also be achieved with a very early train from Berlin.

There are some places in Reinhard's car leaving Nijmegen on March 1. Contact him now, if you are interested.

Gerd Jaeger (jaeger@zas.gwz-berlin.de) will be the contact person for those wanting to hitch a ride from Berlin.

Cheaper train tickets are possible if you have joint tickets. Anna Pilatova is coordinating the tickets from Amsterdam. Get in touch with her in time. She will also be taking all other transport questions.

Please, do not forget your passport. It is absolutely necessary when you want to come back from Poland to Germany!