The workshop takes place in the Tourist hostel on the Szrenica Peak (1362 m), which is found in the Glowny Grzbiet Karkonozy (Main Ridge of the Karkonosze, west of Labski Szczyt). The hostel  has a very interesting history. The Jelenia Góra Valley inhibitants together with the Sudetes Germanes built it in 1922 to protest against the Czech taking away the license from the German hostel owner on the Czech side. In 1968 the hostel burnt down, but in 1982 it was successfully built anew, earning a more impressive appearance that better fits in with surrounding scenery.
    Around the peak there spread some areas ideal for skiing. In 1962 a two-section chair lift was built from Sklarska Poreba to Szrenica. From there also begin three ski trails. Close to the hostel one will have several tourist trails. The black trail leads to the north, in the direction of the Konskie Lby (1290 m). They are a formation of picturesque crags from where one gets a manificant view of the Jelenia Góra Valley, Sklarska Poreba and the Izerskie Heights. Along the Grzbiet Glówny (Main Ridge) the red trail goes east towards Trzy Swinski (1290 m), which consists of a few crags of most charming shapes. Next, the red trail leads one to the west, towards the Hostel in the Hala Szrenicka.